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Nini maya kchangno | Kau-Bru | Official Music Video | 2019

Name: Nini maya kchangno | Kau-Bru | Official Music Video | 2019
Uploader: T.D - Dola Chongpreng
Views count: 1.2M
Channel Id: UC5Vz0f-DjDEHxf8WYVvq-tQ
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Description: It's an official copyright music video.If anyone of you've uploaded without my permission then we'll be taking a grevous step toward your channel. Casting : Babita Reang. Sujit Rai Reang. Tenyson Reang. Singer : Anen bru Toimui. Stela Bru. Jerati Molshoy. Lyrics & composed : MB BRU. Music : RBL BRU. Costume : Dola Chongpreng. Directed/Camera/Edited : British Molsoi. Producer : Dola Chongpreng & Tenyson Reang THANKS TO..... Baithang Jamatia Rapper.

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