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Hapung mwchangui full song video丨Full HD 1080p丨A Kok Borok movie TONGKHOR丨Cast : Manoj n Payel丨

Name: Hapung mwchangui full song video丨Full HD 1080p丨A Kok Borok movie TONGKHOR丨Cast : Manoj n Payel丨
Uploader: MAITANG PRODUCTION Nantu, Arup, Bindi, Debu
Views count: 598K
Channel Id: UC2ZzPw-kIHjjVH-A3zTbXZA
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Description: This song is from the Kok Borok movie TONGKHOR丨Lyrics, composed n director : Nantu丨Music : Kwplai n Biswanath丨Playback : Bipasha, Rumio n child chorus from Ragini musical group丨Drone : Denu丨Dop : Rumio丨Editing : Koloma production丨sound recorded at Ragini studio丨Location : Belaiham kami丨Producers : Arup, Bindi, Debulal n R. Db丨Copyright is only of MAITANG PRODUCTION丨please like, subscribe, comments n share 丨thanks..

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